Are you concerned about Postpartum Depression or your milk supply?

The placenta supports and nourishes babies in the womb and has many balancing and energy enhancing qualities even after the baby is born. It contains high levels of prostaglandins, which help the uterus return to its unpregnant size and helps to clean it out. The placenta replenishes iron and other nutrients depleted during pregnancy, can lessen bleeding, increase milk production, and, perhaps its most well known use, to help prevent postpartum depression naturally and without pharmaceuticals.

Despite their healthful and restorative properties, in the United States (and most of the Western World), placentas are often discarded upon the baby’s birth. Humans and camels are the only known mammals who do not regularly consume their placenta – at least in modern times. There is an alternative!

Placenta encapsulation takes all the benefits of your placenta and condenses them down into a little capsule that you can take whenever you feel the need. They can be used for postpartum hormone swings, low milk supply, PMS, and even saved for menopause. For more information about your different options, click here.

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